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Those Six Months

Giulia Santana's new adventure on Wattpad.

Ciera Dawson spent most of her life wishing for a perfectly commercial family - and a successful career in literature. After getting a series of books published and a handful of broken hearts by 23, she should be ready to take the next step with Kaleb, her boyfriend of two years - so why does the idea of living together makes her feel like throwing up?? The arrival of her ex-girlfriend in New York, forces Ciera to confront all the open wounds and unspoken words she still holds in her heart. So she decides to go to war for the things she really wants. Those Six Months is not a love triangle: it's a story about turning the wrong timing right.

Kat's Chronicles

After being successful in several platforms in Portuguese, the story of Kat's Army is now in English on Wattpad 

Meet Katerina, a vampire forcibly created in nineteenth-century Europe by a desperate witch mother in a quest for immortality and its secrets. Kat survived for a long time taking herself as nothing but an inferior being from Hell, destined only to spread death, whose livelihood was governed by three orders: Multiply, Destroy, and Stay away. Until one day someone showed her the power she had on her hands... For a powerful creature like her, the line between following and commanding is so thin and malleable. And it's time for the servants to know the real power they have. Kat's Chronicles tells the story of the War of the Souls and Katerina's quest for the true purpose of creatures like her.

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